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  • Nicole Lam | Hayward

    If you are looking for an exceptional real estate agent, I would highly recommend Lily Cai Do. I don't pay these compliments to just anyone. She has earned it. She sold my home in the Hayward Hills. She understood my local market well, was very knowledgeable about real estate in general and the Bay Area real estate market. There are many options out there for real estate professionals and she ranks in the top percentile. For somebody who is as busy as she is, she always found time to answer my questions and be there for the necessary showings, inspections and necessary preliminary work. I had some requirements related to open houses and lock boxes. She understood my needs, was very accommodating and patient which I appreciated. She was technically savvy, used internet, print, social media, a sophisticated marketing plan that highlighted the best features of my home. One of her other strengths is her fluency in English and several other languages which proved useful when she had to converse with people from diverse backgrounds. She was able to make that interpersonal connection with others. She has an outgoing, gregarious personality and is trustworthy. She was always courteous, responsive and dependable. She guided me through the process, timeline and she made what is normally a very stressful process more manageable, smooth and seamless. Selling one's home can be stressful; we were glad that she was there to guide us through the process. She worked hard and was worth every bit of the commission and more. She has become a friend and mentor. I would highly recommend Lily without hesitation and would turn to her for any future real estate needs.
  • Judy | Hayward

    I have two positive experiences with Lily. The first was from earlier this year when I was acting as the trustee for the sale of a property. I was trying to do my due diligence to make sure the property had multiple offers and so I contacted Lily based on an ad I saw on a website not Zillow and asked her to check with her clients to see if anyone would like to bid. She responded right away and submitted a timely offer. In the end, I had to select another offer, but her professionalism and communication were first rate and I kept her name in the back of my mind. A couple of months ago, my family unexpectedly had to move, and my husband and I needed a realtor. Guess who we called first. Lol, somebody else that my mother in law said we should use! He had an impressive record, but we just weren't comfortable. We decided to call up and meet Lily, at least get a choice, and see if we would get a better vibe, and after meeting her everything just felt a lot less stressful. As difficult as it was to pinpoint what was wrong with the first guy, it was easy to spot Lily's good qualities. She was experienced but not boastful about her background. She wasn't high pressure sales tactic, she was easy going, pragmatic, and realistic. She was able start work almost right away and kept close to the schedule we were aiming for. She took care of the staging, cleaning, photography, and open houses and presented our home in such a positive light. We were pretty hands off and Lily kept us up to date via emails, calls, and texts. We were able to get the price we wanted, and we were very satisfied with the whole experience.
  • Matt Day | Oakland

    I didn't have to anything Lily did it all. As a first-time home buyer, it was particularly scary and overwhelming. Lily doesn't know this, but I worked with 2 to 3 other realtors during my yearlong home search. Some didn't respond to me quickly, some didn't take me seriously, and others knowingly withheld information from me they should lose their license this is how I know Lily was among the best out there. I am relatively young looking, so I think it's easy for most realtors to not take me seriously, joke's on them this was probably the easiest sale any realtor would've had all year I had all my paperwork and loan docs in order and was aggressively searching. From the beginning, I felt like a real client of Lily's. She gave me insight about the housing market, she suggested realistic offers that I should be making, she always answered my emails, texts, calls within minutes, she retrieved information about every single house that I was inquiring about. She didn't let a single thing fall through the cracks. I really could go on and on. I'll be using Lily for my next purchase and have already recommended family members to use her. Nice job!
  • Cuong Ha | Hayward

    When I first saw an ad of Lily Do on the internet stating: very knowledgeable of Hayward and the east bay and read so many positive reviews, I knew I would need her help. Knowing how popular Lily is, I wasn't sure if she would have enough time in a day to help our case. That thought was quickly put to rest. Every document that needed to be sign and are time sensitive, she got it to us. She was there to resolve any concern I may have and answer any question I didn't know to ask. After a few months of house hunting and disappointments, we rushed ourselves into buying a condo. After reading the rules and regulations of the HOA, we immediately knew we made a very big mistake. Again, Lily was very understanding of our concerns and quickly did the paperwork to back off the purchase. She is wonderful! Did I mention that she got us into our dream home a couple of week later? My wife and I are forever grateful to Lily for helping us purchased our dream home. She made the whole process of buying a first home so much less intimidating. Thank you, Lily.
  • Mohammad Mojaddedi | Hayward

    Lily is phenomenal. Her expertise in Stone brae and the Hayward highlands and Fairview are second to none. She is extremely easy to get in contact with and has a very sound understanding of the market. She worked tirelessly with us for over a year and a half until we found the perfect property. Her negotiation skills and advocacy were fantastic. She was relentless in representing our interests and maintained open communication and transparency. Hands down the best customer service we have ever received from a real estate professional. We will only work with Lily from here on out- we have recommended her to all our friends and family. If you are thinking of buying or selling the search is over. Give Lily a call!
  • Mon Yee | Castro Valley

    We were so lucky to have Lily Do as our agent. We found Lily in the Zillow.com website and were impressed with her sales records and outstanding customer reviews. After we met with Lily for the first time, we knew she would the one who will help us find a new home. Lily's extended knowledge about the neighbors and responsiveness was excellent. Lily was patient with us, not rushed us to offer for the homes we liked and gave great advice about things that we could do to help with buying the home. Overall, Lily was friendly, professional and responsible person. In addition, Lily even gave us referrals for closing the loan, buying new furniture and others. We highly recommend Lily Do to everyone who is seeking to buy or sell a home.
  • Tai Tham | Castro Valley

    We were causally searching for a new home for about a year. Lily Do has been extremely patient with us and her understanding of our need and situation was crucial to the purchase of our new home. Lily Do was able to alleviate the stress of selling our home (which sold in 2 days!) and helped us purchase and close on our new home within a week apart...seamlessly. Timing was perfect! I know there are many agents out there. However, Lily have proved to me that her knowledge and professionalism stands out from most. Here's my transactions with Lily Do Purchased below asking 2009 Sold above asking 2016 Purchased below asking 2016 Thanks Lily.
  • Earl Walker | Hayward

    Lily Cai Do is the best realtor in the Bay Area. She has a record of success and operates at a level of professionalism and excellence that is unparalleled. Lily is extremely knowledgeable about real estate trends and employs cutting edge marketing and sales strategies to achieve the goals of her clientele. She is responsive, accessible, personable and is an extremely valuable partner to have during experiences that may be very sensitive, and pressure filled. Lily Cai Do gets the job done. She is fantastic!
  • Ayo | Los Angeles

    Lily Cai Do discussed with me how we would sell my home even though it was no longer the peak buying period. She broke down how to attract buyers, how to drive traffic, and other valuable information. She was very knowledgeable and was able to sell after only one open house. She was also willing to go above and beyond the call of duty when I was moving out and behind on my move out schedule by helping when it mattered most. It was an absolute pleasure working with Lily and I'd recommend her in a heartbeat.
  • Daniel Fernandez | Hayward

    If you want someone who is fluid, pleasant and understands the process do not think twice about Lily Cai Do. She is easy to work with and reliable when it comes to moving things forward and providing excellent service to her clients. Thank you, Lily, for rescuing me from poor experiences with other realtor and realty services. In a previous deal going south, we were stuck in contract for almost 60 days. I closed with Lily in 2 weeks! I recommend Lily if you're a first-time buyer or even if you're an experienced investor. Thank you again for everything.
  • Dang Jennie | Hayward

    Lily is very personable and great to work with. She is very responsive, one of the characteristics which is very important to me in finding a home that I can quickly put in an offer for and is knowledgeable about her areas of expertise. Trust that she will find the right fit for the home you are looking for. Not only has she became our agent, but we have found a home that we will appreciate for years to come but we have just made a new friend. Thank you, Lily, for putting up with our demands!
  • Buyer | San Francisco

    Lily is very helpful and professional. She gave me a lot of advice and finally help me buy my first home. She was always quickly responding even in the late evening. Offer process was easy and efficient as most docs were signed using DocuSign. Since my husband always out of town, E-sign make everything much easier. I'm so glad that we met Lily. I'm highly recommend her as your agent and will recommend her to my friends and family.
  • Buyer | Castro Valley

    Lily helped us find a home in Castro Valley. She was always available via email and phone. On multiple occasions, she showed us homes outside of the open house schedule. Offer process was easy and efficient as most docs were signed using Document Sign. Overall, we were happy with Lily as she knew a lot about the area and was a pleasure to work with.
  • Jimmy | Hayward

    Lily is very knowledgeable and patient throughout my first house buying process. She responded to any questions I had, kept me informed what was going on, and even helped me find the right contractors for home updates. It’s a pleasure to know and work with her. I consider Lily as a friend and will use her more in the future. Thank you, Lily.
  • Seller | Hayward

    Lily is very pleasant and very knowledgeable. She gave me very sage advice on how to list my home and was very easy to work with. She was also very responsive any time I texted or emailed her. She helped me sell my house even before it was officially listed! I highly recommend her.
  • Buyer and Seller | Geyserville

    Lily was very responsiveness and provided timely direction during the process. Could not have asked for a more passionate and experienced agent. Lily understands what it takes to close a deal. Her expertise is refreshing.
  • Maria Ho | Oakland

    Lily knew the market well and was very helpful in making suggestions on how best to present the property. She was very quick and decisive in staging the house and did the open house timely. She was always available and accessible to me.
  • Chandra | Hayward

    There’s a reason for Lily’s 5-star rating in reviews around the web. It’s all true. She’s so knowledgeable about the area and how to market in it. Just listen to her and follow her instructions. Your house will sell, and you’ll be happy with the smooth process.
  • Seller | Hayward

    Lily did a fine job of preparing my house to be put on the market. She marketed it well and handled all aspects off the transaction. I would highly recommend her. She knows Stone brae exceptionally well. I am genuinely satisfied. she did a great job.
  • Dave Rosen | Hayward

    No, it was fantastic to work with if we had another house to sell, I would happily work with her again. I can highly recommend Lily she was always responsive, available and Always worked diligently in our best interest.
  • Serena | San Francisco

    Lily always respond in a timely fashion she was strategic in preparing for the sale, provided staging, and closed the sales quickly. Thank you for your fabulous work!
  • Sold | Hayward

    Lily Do was helping me sold a house in Hayward 2018. I was satisfied and happy working with her. I will ask Lily as my agent again if I buy or sell a house in the future.
  • Ricky Prasad | Hayward

    Ever since my family and I met Lily, we nicknamed her "Queen of Stonebrae"..and she lived up to the name with our Deal!. Our deal was NEVER the easiest, but with her skills, experience , knowledge she got us OUR DREAM home!! We communicated in EVERY way as possible, I am sure we even would have found a way to communicate with pigeon notes if we had to :) She has been through with us every step of the way!. I recommend her in every way I can!... All HAIL to the Queen!
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